Hackers who are fathers and _why

Posted by Nick Sieger Fri, 05 May 2006 14:24:00 GMT

Spotted on ruby-talk today was this anecdote on a Ruby hacker/father and son, and I just had to share here.

I trotted my 11 year old son over to the Poignant Guide and he laughed like crazy at the Cartoon Foxes and did a little programming, but soon got bored. Wait a minute Alex, let’s try one more thing, Dwe.. Array. Wow, how do I make my R kill big time (He knows all about cheats). I showed him the character’s values and he promptly put in a hugh number for the Rabbit’s strength. He was delighted to see the larger and larger negative life values appear whenever he attacked. Dad, is this how all my Gameboy programs work? Yes, son. Hey, dad I want to do 6dof animation too, can you teach me? Yes son, here’s a few books for you -- Computer Graphics, Foley et al and Physics for Game Developers, Bourg. Not sure he’ll read them right away, but the whole episode saved me another $49.95 Game Cube cartridge.

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