Let's keep the minnebar high

Posted by Nick Sieger Mon, 08 May 2006 03:17:00 GMT

It’s going to take me a while to recover from minnēbar. I met some great people, got motivated by some new noble ideas, and generally had a blast. A thousand kudos to Ben as well as the sponsors for making the event a smashing success.

But, let’s not stop there. We made some initial contact, hit it off well, vibed off of the energy in the venue. I’d be disappointed to say the least if I didn’t hear from anyone for another six months until the next event gets planned and scheduled.

So, can we make a concerted effort to keep in touch? May I suggest a monthly (or so) geek dinner, drinks or something similarly informal (e.g., the Friday night get together? I wasn’t there) where we can keep some momentum going and build our relationships? Find out where our own strengths are and how we complement each other?

If there’s one thing coming out of Saturday’s event where I hope we have a shared vision, it’s for increasing the amount of innovation in the technology sector in the Twin Cities. This group of people has the talent to make that real.

On a side note, I recorded four sessions of audio from Saturday, and at first listen they appeared to come out pretty well. I hope to post them in the coming days.

Another side note: the “ē” in minnēbar is represented in HTML as unicode entity ē. Don’t let your minnēbar posts suffer encoding issues on the highway!

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  1. Avatar Peter Fleck said about 16 hours later:

    Have to say, Nick, that I hope we keep the entity out of the minnebar for most purposes (as I noticed you did in the title to the post). Too much work in the tagging and search world.

    I also had a great time at our first local barcamp and look forward to seeing your videos. I don’t know about getting together regularly but I know I would like to at least debrief about this one with a group so the next one can get better.


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