.irbrc on Windows

Posted by Nick Sieger Tue, 30 May 2006 16:57:00 GMT

Having trouble getting IRB to use a .irbrc file on Windows? The following seems to work:

  1. Create the .irbrc file in your %USERPROFILE% directory.
  2. Create an environment variable in the System Properties->Advanced Tab->Environment Variables area called HOME and set it to %USERPROFILE%.

An alternate approach is to create an environment variable called IRBRC and set it to the full path of the .irbrc file.

Perhaps IRB should be updated to look in %USERPROFILE% on Windows?

Plug: for handy .irbrc contents refer to this previous post.

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  1. Avatar Matt Scilipoti said 102 days later:

    If Windows Explorer is not allowing you to create a file named .irbrc (“You must type a file name”), you can use the DOS command “ren existingFile .irbrc”


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