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Posted by Nick Sieger Mon, 07 Aug 2006 22:02:00 GMT

When we moved into our modest home 6 years ago we thought we were done moving. Flannery’s aunt, who has been working on her new business as an independent realtor, encouraged us to see what else was out there, so we started looking about two months ago. Originally I thought we’d just be getting an idea of what was on the market, but soon we became pretty wrapped up in the idea of moving.

Just two weeks ago today, we found a house in a great neighborhood that just felt like home to us, so suddenly we’re talking about selling! 10 days later, last Thursday, our current house went on the market. Whew! Getting the house ready for sale in 10 days is not something I thought was possible!

So, if you know anyone in Minneapolis in search of a well-kept, charming, early 20th century house with access to parks and the light rail, please call Rebecca at 612-703-8975.

Here’s the MLS entry page, here’s the craigslist post, and below are some photos for your perusal. Now back to your usual programming!

Front exterior

Dining Room


Living Room and Foyer

Foyer and Stairwell

Kitchen 1

Front Bedroom


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