Happy V-Day: CI::Reporter 1.0 Gem Released

Posted by Nick Sieger Thu, 15 Feb 2007 05:04:40 GMT

As requested, CI::Reporter has been released as a gem version of my Rails plugin version. Follow these instructions for installing the new gem version.

For the uninitiated, CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit and RSpec that allows you to generate XML reports of your test and/or spec runs. The resulting files can be read by a continuous integration system that understands Ant’s JUnit report XML format, thus allowing your CI system to track test/spec successes and failures.

The old Rails plugin code is still in the previous location, but I don’t plan to do anything else with it so I encourage you to install the gem and use the new lean-and-mean plugin that depends on it.

At the time of the post, the gem is hot off the presses, so it may take a little bit for it to hit the gem index and mirrors. Let me know if it works for you!

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  1. Avatar anon said 18 days later:

    neat ...

    any chance you could add support for capturing system out/err that occured during the test run.

    If it helps ant normally stores it under:

    <![CDATA[ blah .... ]]>


    <![CDATA[ blah .... ]]>

  2. Avatar anon said 18 days later:

    oops ... forgot to escape the xml tags there, the CDATA sections should be contained within ‘system-out’ and ‘system-err’ respectively.

  3. Avatar Nick said 18 days later:

    Interesting idea...I thought about trying to capture those but while doing the initial implementation it didn’t become obvious to me immediately how to do it. Sounds like a good feature request for the next release. I’d appreciate it if you would submit a feature request in the rubyforge tracker. Thanks!

  4. Avatar Simon Harris said 29 days later:

    I found I had to install the gem in order to use the rails plugin. Is that intentional? I have no issue if it is but I’m just wondering.

  5. Avatar Simon Harris said 29 days later:

    I’m an idiot! I just read the install manual and yes, it’s intentional. Awesome tool. Thanks!

  6. Avatar Nathan Fiedler said 60 days later:

    I was worried about how to generate unit test reports in Rails for Hudson to consume, but thanks to you, my worries are alleviated. Thanks so much, Nick, for providing this gem, it is very much appreciated.

  7. Avatar Sasa Juras said 72 days later:

    I followed the instructions and didn’t manage to install the new gem version. Is there any detailed directions?


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