JRuby Update: Continuous Improvement

Posted by Nick Sieger Fri, 16 Mar 2007 03:47:17 GMT

JRuby development pace has been fast and furious for the past few months, and, at times dangerous. While the overall gains have been significant, occasional regressions to various parts of the interpreter and applications such as rubygems have been frustrating for people trying to track the bleeding edge.

Well, no longer. I’ve now got Bamboo up and running, continuously building JRuby itself, as well as test suites of third-party software. Right now, there is a gem install smoke test (for ensuring basic gem install continues to work) as well as the ActiveSupport tests (which are run with CI::Reporter of course so we can track test failures -- now you see the method to my earlier madness).

On the short list for new builds to be added to the CI server are:

  • Testing the rest of the Rails components
  • ActiveRecord-JDBC
  • Nightly snapshots for those who want to track development but don’t want to build from source

If you have a favorite pure-Ruby package or code that exercises JRuby in a public source repository, let me know and we’ll consider adding it to Bamboo so you (and we) know if and when it breaks, or how badly it’s broken.

On a side note, I’ve quietly released CI::Reporter 1.1; you should be able to get it from gems soon. Quietly, because there was only a small, non-essential change -- an assertions attribute was added to the testsuite element in each XML file. Custom applications wishing to count the number of assertions per test suite can parse it out of the XML. Maybe there’ll be a non-XML output format in the future, but I don’t need it now, so it’s not going to be built.

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  1. Avatar Sam said about 22 hours later:

    Have you also gotten the YARV benchmarks to run? It would be nice to have a running comparison just to see how far we go and how far we have to go.


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