Posted by Nick Sieger Fri, 13 Jul 2007 09:39:00 GMT

The size of this blog seems to have outgrown the small 128MB VPS it’s running on. Any post/comment/change causes the server to swap endlessly, and I know some of you have seen 500 or 502 errors. I hope to remedy this soon, but until then, comments have been disabled, and the site will remain more or less frozen.

If you do have a comment, please send it to me the old-skool way (email -- with your name and URL and the article you’re commenting on), and I’d be happy to add it for you for historical purposes.

If you have any ideas on tuning my servers to avoid hitting the memory limit, I’d appreciate those as well. I’m currently running Ubuntu Dapper with Apache 2.0, Ruby 1.8.4, Mongrel 1.0 with fastthread 0.6.1, Typo SVN revision 947 (a bit old, I know), and SQLite 2. Upgrade to the latest Ruby? Upgrade Typo -- yeah, that would be a little more painful. Switch to Mephisto -- more painful still. Ditch Apache in favor of nginx? Probably, except I’m using Apache for SVN and Trac as well. We’ll see.

I tried running MySQL (4.1) for a while last night, but it too was swapping and the site wouldn’t even render, so I turned off and reverted to SQLite, which at least allows the site to load, even if it blows chunks when you try to post a comment or an article. Sigh.