RubyConf: Parting Thoughts

Posted by Nick Sieger Mon, 05 Nov 2007 17:57:34 GMT

RubyConf once again was thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it to any Rubyist who is on the fence about attending to make it a priority to go next year. Here are some quick, random notes that didn’t quite fit into a full post.

  • For those of you who stopped by expecting to see the blow-by-blow of every minute of the conference like last year, my apologies. I think I set the bar a little too high for myself. It takes a lot of energy to stay focused on the sessions for the whole day. Perhaps it’s appropriate to pass the baton on to James Avery or Eric Mill for their 2007 coverage.
  • Venue (Omni Hotel Charlotte): Generally speaking, thumbs up. There were a couple of annoyances, though. 1. No non-emergency staircase to get to your room, causing huge lines for the elevators at the end of the afternoon. 2. Coffee was removed from the scene before 10 am, raising speculation that it was a conspiracy to drive business to the Starbucks in the mall below. 3. Toasters blew out the sound system on Sunday morning, forcing a PA system to be brought out and throwing a wrench in the rhythm of the morning talks.
  • I have to give props to Dr. Nic for avoiding getting burnt by the toaster incident and handling it really well. To boot, he gave one of the most entertaining talks at the conference, as the RubiGen video is sure to become an instant conference classic much like Adam Keys’ one-man-one-act event from last year.
  • Werewolf: I played one game, miserably. I was a werewolf, and when cornered by another in the game, mustered up the quote “I’m not an aggressive player, I prefer to feed off of other people.” Wow, what a freudian slip. While I can sympathize with Charlie’s comments about the game (and I do really enjoy late-night hackfests), I also have to agree with Chad and the other commenters that the two are not mutually exclusive, and the Werewolf games are wonderfully inclusive of RubyConf newbies and veterans alike.
  • The two-track approach in the afternoon this year seemed to go well, despite making it impossible to see all the talks. I would have liked to have seen Erik Hatcher’s Solr talk, but instead decided to give moral support to Kyle Maxwell’s JRuby in the Wild talk. I also missed the Saturday afternoon tracks to hang out in Stu’s Refactotum session.
  • Lots of good quotables: check out Nihilist and Twitter for some of the back-channel chatter.

See you next year!

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