RailsConf slides

Posted by Nick Sieger Sat, 31 May 2008 23:42:00 GMT

If you already saw my JavaOne slides, these aren’t too different, but I think they’re better and prettier, too.

JRuby at RailsConf

Get them here.

Update. The slides are pretty lean on explanation. Just in case you’re confused, the narrative goes like this:

  • What’s your deployment nirvana look like? (various existing options)
  • With JRuby, you can deploy Rails applications in a single operating system process instead of many.
  • However, there are a few configuration changes needed to accomodate JRuby. (Steps for converting existing apps, configuration code snippets.)
  • Now, JRuby-Rack helps with the configuration, because all of the logging/session/public path re-jiggering is taken care of for you. It’s now bundled with Warbler as of version 0.9.9.
  • Performance is good and getting better. You can scale up the number of requests you can handle really easily just by setting the number of runtimes to create inside Warbler’s config/warble.rb file.
  • Lots of new stuff is happening right now to make Rails better. JRuby will be able to leverage these changes and become an even more desirable deployment platform. Stay tuned!

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  1. Avatar Robert O'Connor said about 2 hours later:

    Great slides! However,slide 33 is funky[1]

    1. http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/958/wtfsd1.png
  2. Avatar Nick said about 23 hours later:

    @Robert: yeah, that’s semi-intentional. It’s a built slide in the talk that intends to show how it would suck to have to write all that code yourself.

  3. Avatar deman said 1 day later:


    I’m really impressed with the slides! I’m hooked to Jruby :)