Warbler 0.9.12 Released, Includes JRuby 1.1.6

Posted by Nick Sieger Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:46:33 GMT

I finally got around to releasing the next version of Warbler. I try to keep pace with JRuby releases but 1.1.5 had some bugs that I wanted to wait out (in particular, one with Rubygems assuming Etc is always available).

New in this release is better automatic gem detection for both Rails and Merb. In particular, Warbler will use the contents of Merb’s config/dependencies.rb file. As an added bonus, only runtime dependencies are loaded. This detection is done by running the Rails environment or the Merb merb_env Rake task. Usually, loading the application environment requires a database connection. If you don’t want this behavior, you can manually specify dependent gems in config/warble.rb and turn off the framework detection with Warbler.framework_detection = false. See the documentation for details.

Warbler 0.9.12

  • Allow framework auto-detection to be disabled. Set Warbler.framework_detection = false at the top of config/warble.rb or uncomment the line from a newly generated config.
  • Add configuration option to set manifest file (thanks Tommy McGuire)
  • Mitigate RubyGems 1.3 compatibility issue (thanks Jens Norrgrann)
  • Add experimental war:exploded task. This allows you to deploy your application in an exploded mode, thus allowing continual development without re-warring and re-deploying. Feedback is appreciated if you try this feature; it may not work in all application servers and for applications other than Rails.
  • Handle Rails gem dependencies better (thanks Laszlo Bacsi)
  • Auto-detect Merb dependencies (Merb >= 1.0 only). Please give feedback if you try Warbler with a Merb 1.0 app.
  • Ignore gem development dependencies
  • Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.6 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.3

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