Posted by Nick Sieger Sun, 07 Jan 2007 04:13:48 GMT

Crap, I saw this coming as soon as Tor tagged Charlie. I never was a chain letter person, and I’m kinda getting sick of this one, so I’ll let it end here, but just to not be seen as a complete curmudgeon, I’ll bullet-pointilize with these five items:

  • In a previous programming life (my first job out of school), I helped develop a small-market Playstation 1 title called Monkey Magic. (Hey, it has a Wikipedia entry! Yeah, it does suck, sorry. None of us ever watched the cartoon, which made the content of the game pretty lame for fans of it.)
  • I lived in New York City, the greatest city in the world, for two years while working on MM.
  • In a previous previous life, I worked on audio analysis techniques in graduate school using wavelets, Markov models and other spectral analysis techniques. I had all of one paper published.
  • My youngest daughter is named Ruby. But, she’s 4, and I’ve only been programming Ruby (the language) for less than two years, so nyahhhhh.
  • I actually enjoy shopping.

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