New Orleans live music this weekend during RubyConf

Posted by Nick Sieger Thu, 11 Nov 2010 18:38:00 GMT

My boy Erik Jacobson from way back and also of Mama Digdown’s Brass Band is a New Orleans regular and knows the local scene well.

He graciously gave me the lowdown for this weekend. I’d like to make a few of these gigs; probably at least the Stooges at Hi Ho tonight, maybe Hot 8, Ellis and/or Cotton Mouth Kings tomorrow, and one of Shannon Powell or Wes Anderson on Saturday. Let me know if you’re interested by messaging me on Twitter.

Erik also mentioned that there might be a Second Line happening on Sunday afternoon that I might try to check out before I take off in the evening. Let me know too if you are up for that.

Ok, here’s Erik’s take:


Shamarr Allen @ Irvin Mayfields Jazz Playhouse. 8:00pm.

He’s a fantastic young trumpet player and a friend of mine. This is the nice/upscale club that is in the hotel on Bourbon Street.

Kermit Ruffins @ Vaughn’s. 8:00pm.

You probably know, but Kermit is a trumpet player and is a quintessential New Orleans character. Vaughn’s is a great local dive bar that is in the Bywater neighborhood out by the Navy Yard. You’ll want to take a cab there. There is also free beans and rice at his shows.

Stooges Brass Band @ Hi Ho Lounge probably around 10:00pm.

I got a hold of Walter from the Stooges and he said they were playing tonight. They are a fantastic brass band and it’s a great local spot to catch them. Good friends of Mama Digdown’s.

Soul Rebels Brass Band @ Le Bon Temps Roulee @ 11:00pm

This is always a good hangout. There will be a ton of people there. The Soul Rebels are awesome and always play pretty late into the night.

If you felt like being adventurous, you could hit either Vaughn’s or the Playhouse from like 9-10, then take a cab to the Hi Ho for a set until around 11:30 and then finish with the Rebels. That is a lot of music, it’s just so hard to pick which ones to leave out.


Hot 8 Brass Band @ 12Bar. 7:00pm

HOT, HOT brass band. They are good friends who have been up north many times. This is a new club that is pretty close you your hotel.

Hot Club of New Orleans @ DBA. 6:00pm

This is a great Django style band. I went to college with the violin player Matt Rhoady. He also hails from Mpls and went to Henry High/ This club is over on Frenchman Street near Snug Harbor.

Kid Chocolate Brown @ Irvin Mayfields Jazz Playhouse. 8:00pm

Cool young trumpet player and singer. He also plays in Los Hombres Calientes from time to time.

Ellis Marsalis Quartet @ Snug Harbor 8:00pm

This is certainly worth going to and I am sure he’ll have a good band with him.

New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings @ Spotted Cat. 10:00pm

This place is really close to Snug Harbor and would be fun to hit after Ellis. Great traditional band with young cats. Good people watching too. This is a cool scene here I think it’s free too!


Soul Rebels @ DBA. 11:00pm

If you missed them on tonight, you can catch them here. This would be a good place to hear them.

Shannon Powell @ Irving Mayfields Jazz Playhouse. 8:00pm

He is so badass. You should really try to swing by if you can. He is the drummer that was on that Orchestra Hall gig I played this summer. Cool dude too. At 11:00pm there is also a brass band playing this club called the KinFolk Brass Band.

Wessell Andersen @ Snug Harbor. 8:00pm

I am sure you know him from Wynton records. He is amazing. It is a hard decision between him and Shannon Powell.

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