Thursday, December 9, 2004

The Plot Against Sex in America

Oh, so all that sexual exposure is bad for us, huh, and you're out to remake us all whole? How about repressing it? How is emotional repression of any sort healthy?

No matter what the censors may accomplish elsewhere, the pop culture revolution since Kinsey's era is in little jeopardy: in a nation of "Desperate Housewives," "Too Darn Hot" has become the national anthem. A movie like "Kinsey" will do just fine; the more protests, the more publicity and the larger the box office. But if Hollywood will always survive, off-screen Americans are being damaged by the cultural war over sex that is being played out in real life. You see that when struggling kids are denied the same information about sexuality that was kept from their antecedents in the pre-Kinsey era; you see that when pharmacists in more and more states enforce their own "moral values" by refusing to fill women's contraceptive prescriptions and do so with the tacit or official approval of local officials; you see it when basic information that might prevent the spread of lethal diseases is suppressed by the government because it favors political pandering over scientific fact.

Thank you, Frank Rich, for standing up for us. For defending the American way of life, that is whatever the hell we damn well choose it to be. For our children, and our collective social well being. Not what the bible thumping leaders determine is best for us. The sheer fact that someone else wants to have the power to censor makes me sick. The fact that he's our stinkin' president makes me vomit arse about face.

(Which I did the other day, and it wasn't too enjoyable.)

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