Monday, August 1, 2005

OSCON OPML tutorial notes

My raw outline notes from today's ruby sessions are here.

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Me too OSCON

I'm here in Portland this week too for OSCON 2005. The first day was great but rather exhausting as the lack of sleep is catching up with me -- flight got in super late Sunday night/Monday morning.

The first day for me consisted of the Ruby track of tutorials. Dave Thomas was up first. He's got the conference speaking act down pat. Highlight: during a quick rant on static vs. dynamic typing, he said something along the lines of "anyone using java generics as an argument for static typing should be shot" which was tongue-in-cheek if not dead on right :).

Next up was DHH. David needs a little more work on his pacing -- he ended up at the finish line with a lot of material uncovered. It was basically a big coding session with David upping the standard for the "hello world" app of the new web development millenium by coding up a fully-featured blogging application in the course of a few hours. I had no problems following David; I've been toying with Ruby for a few weeks now, but there were several quiet moments where no one in the audience of over 100 caught the fact that he was adding a new action method to the wrong controller. You had to squint a little bit to see and appreciate the wizard at work; apparently not everyone appreciated David's style. If the Rails video didn't captivate you, then this talk wouldn't have as it was basically the extended remix :)

Looking forward to the Learning AJAX and Creating Passionate Users tutorials tomorrow...

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