Saturday, November 26, 2005

Maven-proxy in ruby

Lothar Märkle has a neat little perl CGI substitute for Maven proxy. I started to use it to build up a Maven 2 repository at work for our Maven 2 builds. Only when it wasn't quite behaving as I expected, I really didn't want to brush up my perl skills to debug it. Why do that when you can spend an afternoon polishing up a ruby version?

So here's maven-proxy.rb, version 1.0 (download zip). Check it out, I think I baked in a couple extra neat features, including the ability to transparently navigate remote, uncached directories from your local repository. I also gave an example Apache configuration to let Apache serve the cached content while deferring to the CGI for the remote, uncached resources. It's licensed under an MIT-style license, so I only ask that you give me credit (or blame) for the original code :)

If you ask me, this is better than running the original maven-proxy under Tomcat...

Happy Holidays!

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