Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Blogging as parenting

One thing I've found in the couple of months that I've decided to put words onto page in this blog is that it's a committment. I've already been through a couple of droughts and spurts. If my blog was a child it would be the youngest one sitting in the corner sulking. Not acting out (there is no RSS feed representing the absence of content on the blog), but just sitting there in a knowing fashion that I'm not giving it any attention. Or maybe blogging is like gardening. Hmm, I suck at that too :)

Couple of the things I've checked out lately that are eyebrow-raising:

  • Greasemonkey, a user script manager for Firefox. All those sites and webapps with terrible usability can now be tweaked to your heart's content. Too bad it doesn't work in my copy of Firefox. Might be time to uninstall and install clean; I've been upgrading 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 on top of an existing installation.
  • Amazon's A9. As a search interface, I like the columns and the customizability. Maybe over time I'll find myself migrating back to the bare-bones Google, but for now I'm forcing myself to try it to see if I like what it does. Oh, and by the way Opensearch is a simple, elegant extension of RSS 2.0 that is a snap to implement. Users can only benefit from a proliferation of search columns/buttons.

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Cellphone infertility

Think a little harder before putting that cellphone in your pocket? What's next, testicular cancer? Nice.

A study by the University of Newcastle provides a preliminary indication that radio waves of a similar frequency to those associated with mobile phones can damage the DNA in the sperm of mice.

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