Thursday, April 7, 2005

A java webservice toolkit (and it's name does not begin with A)

Just recently started work on a project which requires the use of WS-Security. I was initially skeptical about the whole WS-* stack in general, especially with the REST/SOAP debate that's so hot recently. My own design philosophy favors simplicity anyway, and just trying to follow the WS-* specs makes me dizzy.

So imagine my surprise when I stumble across Sun's webservices stack! Why didn't I think to look to the gatekeeper of Java? Because it didn't come from Apache or the the Codehaus? (Hani would laugh at that one.) I had been using trusty Axis for well over a year now, but WSS4J is lagging behind and doesn't even have any downloadable release out. Worse, I'd be forced to upgrade to the yet-to-be-released Axis 1.2? Thank you Sun, no thanks, Apache.

Oh, and what's this? Sun and Microsoft are playing well with each other? We'll see shortly just how true that is.

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Delicious not so tasty today

A single attempt to post to resulted in me seeing:

Sorry, you have been banned for 30 minutes.

Note to self: Time to start backing up my posts regularly. Maybe isn't looking so bad anymore...Update: Yes it is, eww! It's completely down!

Update 4/26: Found out the reason I was banned. In the posting bookmarklet for there is a white "." hyperlink. I'm guessing it's there for testing purposes, and I must have tabbed to it unintentionally.

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