Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Story-test driven development

Attended a talk last night about Story-Test-Driven Development. More to come on this as I need a little while to digest, and to research FIT frameworks. I must say that the idea of having provable tests that tell you exactly when the business needs are satisfied could be immensely useful in any situation, not just XP environments.

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Number of Priorities

From the NYT Article on the missing Iraq explosives:

In several sessions with reporters, the White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, alternately insisted that Mr. Bush "wants to make sure that we get to the bottom of this" and tried to distance the president from knowledge of the issue, saying Mr. Bush was informed of the disappearance only within the last 10 days. White House officials said they could not explain why warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency in May 2003 about the vulnerability of the stockpile to looting never resulted in action. At one point, Mr. McClellan pointed out that "there were a number of priorities at the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Ha! A "Number of priorities" and they botched every last fucking one of them. This takes the cake. And I thought that Abu Ghraib was it. Too bad the administration will spin and sidestep and rebuke endlessly on this issue until it is out of the media and hence the public consciousness. Would somebody step up and press the president on this?

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