Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Wife Swap: A Conservative So-Called Christian Who Doesn't Love Her Neigbor

Tonight's swap:

an ultra-conservative Texas mother who believes gays are "depraved" trades places with a liberal lesbian mom from Arizona.

I just don't understand this Texas woman. The lesbian across the table is pleading with her to have an open mind and see the learning opportunity for her kids, and the love that she tried to bring to their house while she was there. And yet she completely berates her when having the face-to-face at the end of the show. Her behavior is a disgrace to everything that Jesus represents. WWJD? He sure as hell wouldn't call anyone "depraved".

Is this woman the kind of person who believes every word of what's published over at

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Tech toilet

Oh, man, if I had one of these, would I ever want to sit anywhere else in the house? I wonder if it can stand a 40-pound kid standing cock-eyed on the lid, leaning over the sink!

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Verizon hosting sucks

Daily WTF is exactly what a techie needs for a daily dose of humor. I'm sure the network fellas can appreciate this particular one...

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