Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Freemind and OPML take 2

A follow-up on FreeMind and OPML -- so the impending 0.8 release is chock full of new goodies including a MM-to-OPML XSL file and an export option that allows you to apply an arbitrary XSLT. Nice work guys, but I still think that the UI should somehow auto-detect all transform files available (both in the distro plus the user's freemind directory) and create menu options for each in the Export submenu instead of forcing the user to select the transform...maybe the next iteration?

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Sump pump hose hack

Follow-up on the sump-pump hose hack from last weekend...I knew there would be at least one duh. I fed my audio lines through the same tube as the power lines, so now my speakers are piping out all the interference...time for a reload on that thought.

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Quote and database evolution

Today's quote courtesy of Brian McCallister:

If you are worried about correct behavior, write tests.

If you are worried about integration, expose an integration API via messaging or SOAP.

If you are worried about your job, produce useful software.

It's intriguing to me that the application I've worked on for going on four years as well as my own perception of what has worked well over that timeframe has followed a pretty similar evolution as what Brian describes in his rant about databases.

Thanks for the astute and honest observations, dude.

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