Thursday, February 17, 2005

FreeMind and OPML

I just discovered FreeMind, and am all jittery with excitement about a new tool to try out and see if it fits the way my brain works. All early signs point to yes...

It seems that since FreeMind is at its core a fancy graphical outliner that it should support OPML natively. The only answer given is :

It should be easy to create conversion XSLT between FreeMind and OPML.

These guys have created a great program with a solid UI and decent usability, yet they don't understand how big a benefit interop with growing standards like OPML would give them? At least give me built-in "Import from OPML" and "Export to OPML" commands so that non-techie users don't have to a) write an XSL transform; b) write scripts to run it on their .mm files just to get to OPML. At best FreeMind is a nice toy program right now; if it groked OPML it suddenly jumps into a whole new class of eminently useful applications. Imagine being able to import the Podcast directory (OPML) into FreeMind!

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