Sunday, February 20, 2005


Another mostly relaxing weekend -- being a parent I find I don't have much time for blogging on Saturday or Sunday. What spare time I did have that I didn't spend with family consisted of shoveling out of the dumping of white stuff this morning and cutting up and repurposing of a 1.5" diameter plastic sump pump hose into a heavy-duty cord control system for my home studio. What used to be a huge rat's nest of wires behind my desk is starting to look decent, a pretty good hack if I do say so myself :). Best $10 I ever spent at Home Depot. Ya gotta love it when you come up with a perfect solution to a problem by taking something out of its normal context.

(Funny that I never knew what a sump pump was before now -- one of these might come in handy someday considering that my basement just had water in it not more than two weeks ago...)

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